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  • k14 performance design inlet and oulet porting with CNC technology from 1190 EUR inkl tax
  • additional k14 dimple high performance inlet design
  • O-ring seal inlet conversion
  • machining / modification / measuring of combustion chamber
  • massive porting / modification of inlet plenum
  • head surface milling
  • valve seat cutting: multi angle correction or radial
  • valve seat replacement
  • valve guide replacement and ground bore measuring
  • k14 performance inlet valve shaft
  • valve cleaning
  • valve grinding
  • valve modification / polishing
  • chemical head cleaning
  • ultrasonic cleaning
  • YB special oil channel cleaning

There are different performance levels available for the Cosworth YB cylinder head. The customer can choose individually from above listed options.

We have set our goal to further develop and precisely manufacture the Cosworth YB cylinder head.
Manual head work is now in the past for us. The complete cylinder head as well as the ancillaries have been digitalised.

With the optional modification of the combustion chamber we are also able to offer our customers a reduction of the compression ratio. This is also interesting for cylinder heads that have been ground down below the minimum height.
Basically we use the combustion chamber machining to achieve a glossy finish with an appropriate smooth surface structure and to measure the combustion chamber positions to in case correct them. YB heads have a high production tolerance which can be easily corrected during the CNC combustion chamber machining.
The form, structure and position of the combustion chamber is an essential factor for performance and reliability.

Optionally we can also massively enlarge the plenum to the size of the cylinder head ports per CNC machining.
Material removal of up to 4mm is hardly possible or very time consuming with conventional methods.

Another optional highlight is the O-ring seal conversion on the inlet side of the cylinder head. This eliminates the need to customise the original gasket and enables a perfect fit of the plenum to the inlet ports.

Additionally we can also the k14 dimple high performance design to the inlet ports of the cylinder head, which causes a significantly improved acceleration of the main flow rate. This design has been developed and programmed very extensively. Our expectations have been confirmed and even exceeded by the measuring data on the flow bench. We are almost achieving the results of a big valve setup with this port design. With this modification the fuel map has to be altered to an expected higher fuel consumption of at least 30%.

k14 performance basic kit cosworth YB cylinder head:
k 14 performance design inlet and outlet modification with 5 axis CNC technology, recutting / correction of 16 valve seats, exchange valve guides and measure ground bore, milling cylinder head, dis- and reassembly, basic cleaning including YB special oil channel cleaning... from 1892 EUR inkl tax excluding shipment.

Options on additional cost:

  • combustion chamber modification and measuring with 5 axis CNC... from 289 EUR
  • 8 performance inlet valve guides... from 72 EUR
  • standard 16 valves cleaning and grinding... from 119 EUR
  • polish 8 inlet valves... from 59 EUR
  • k14 plenum modification and machining with 5 axis CNC, massive material removal... from 298 EUR
  • k14 dimple inlet performance design, adds acceleration of flow rate... from 416 EUR
  • O-ring seal inlet conversion, gets rid of standard gasket... from 112 EUR
  • all prices include tax excluding shipment

To make the transport nationally / internationally as safe as possible, we have here an additional charge or deposit to the k14TransBox.

Please notice all listed work and modifications are only to be used for
motorsport and are not road legal!
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