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Ceramic coating is a very important and crucial factor especially for high power turbo engines.
We have invested in a lot of development work and practical tests here. A reduction of surface temperature up to 31% and a reduction of engine bay temperature of up to 50 C° is possible here, which will likewise also reduce the engine coolant temperature.
Basically Turbochargers benefit a lot from a stable temperature environment and are able come on boost up to 400 rpm earlier.
Heat deprivation and cariation are negatively affecting the performance of turbochargers.
A ceramic coated exhaust housing is protecting the basic unit and bearing from damage. Especially roller bearing turbo chargers are more prone to defects here than conventional turbochargers.
Basically the goal is to keep the temperatures in the engine bay at an acceptable level. The lower the temperature is, the more effective is the performance and reliability of the peripheral equipment.
Long term tests have shown that our ceramic coating are completely uncomplicated and are resistant against water cracks or other damages.
All components made from metal can be coated, whether it be exhaust manifolds, plenums, wastegates or rocker covers. There are no limits.

Prices start at 360 EUR incl. Tax for exhaust housings.
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